Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Chevy Z/28 (No Air Conditioning)?

The New Z/28 is one of the fastest road course cars of its it kind. The Camaro went under major reconstruction to shave weight and boost performance times at the track. With a $75.000.00 price tag, most people would claim it is well worth what you pay for it.

Unfortunately there is a lot of squabbling on the Internet about how it is so disappointing that for that much money you don't even get an air conditioner with the purchase.

First-off, the Z/28 can be ordered with an air conditioner. Although it does come without one, if you specify that you want one they will put in on at the factory. Anyone, including dealerships has this option.

Lets say you buy one used and it never came with one from the factory. An aftermarket air condition can be bought and installed pretty easy. In fact, if you have some semi-knowledge of auto repair and have some tools, you could install one in your own driveway.

What's the logic behind no air conditioning?
It's simple: it cuts weight and it frees up horsepower. And for a car that is race ready, Chevy just doesn't see the reason for the air conditioner.

And for all of you Ford fans out there that enjoy pointing out the missing air conditioning, as if it was some kind of flaw. Let us not forget a special Mustang that Ford came out with in 2000. A Cobra R with a huge, ugly, senseless wing, no radio, no A/C, and a lot of space behind the front seats; that's because it came with no back seats. You could receive all of that for a price tag of $54,995.