Thursday, December 19, 2013

2018 Camaro 6th Generation Sketches

2018 Camaro Sketches

There are a lot of pictures out on the Internet of what we can expect for the future design of the Camaro. Most of the pics are probably just digitally altered images, some might be close to what we can expect and others are just people having some fun.

The 5th generation Camaro obviously took influence from the styling of the 1967-1969 Camaro, but expert automobile annalist and leaks from General Motors leave telltale signs that the next generation Camaro very well could take on a resemblance of the 2nd generation Camaros.

Although these sketches and blueprints are just ideals put together by designer Michael McGee while working with GM, they do show what the possible direction may be for a 2016 Gen-6 Camaro.

2018 Camaro Sketches


I think it is time for a new Camaro, Mustang just came out with its new look and people may not agree with me but the two cars are starting to look a lot alike. Almost so much alike they could be built off the same frame in the same factory. It could be just me who thinks this, but it is just about that time to really put some new real design work to the Camaro.


These are all nice pictures of what could or could not be for the new Camaro. Obviously, we know pictures like these are over-exaggerated, but we probably can expect something like this on a dialed-down scale in the future.