Thursday, January 23, 2014

2015 Corvette ZO6: The Ultimate American Supercar

When Chevrolet dumped the ZR1 supercar out of their car line-up, it made everyone a little skeptical of what was going to take its place. The ZO6 has always been known as a great sportscar, just not a supercar. But for 2015, that is all about to change. Boasting the most aerodynamic sports car with the most down force that Chevrolet has ever produced, the ZO6 has now been bumped from a sportscar to a sure powerhouse supercar.

Starting with an intercooled supercharged 6.2liter OHV 16-valve motor, the ZO6 is capable of producing 635hp+ and 645 lb.-ft. torque. The engine includes: Titanium intake valves, a dry slump oil pump system, direct injection, and continuously variable valve training.

The power of the motor is matched to a choice of a 7-speed manual with rev matching technology to help make shifting more efficient, or an 8 speed automatic transmission with a paddle-shifter designed to give the driver good fuel-economy without sacrificing performance. From there the power is distributed to an electronic limited-slip differential with three different calibration modes, all of which helps promote 0-60 times around 3.4-3.6 seconds; quarter-mile times not yet recorded.

Exterior Aerodynamics
The aerodynamics of the ZO6 is another huge part of the very impressive performance the supercar can accomplish.

The Corvette has three different options when it comes to aerodynamics.
The first option: The standard Z51 option that comes on the 2014 Stingray - a good set-up and very practical for the average driver.

The second option: A more aggressive front splitter, rocker panel extensions, and a larger rear splitter with fixed Gurney flap aero tabs, all of which are made from carbon-fiber.

The third option: (a ZO7 option) Looks much like the second stage, but in the trunk you will find some interesting components. A larger front splitter with extra-large winglets, and a clear center Gurney flap segment that bolts to the rear spoiler. To improve rear visibility the center piece is clear and can be adjusted up-and-down creating down force that test drivers say even a small four-inch difference is noticeable while on the track.

Other exterior highlights that benefit performance are the larger fender vents and brake cooling ducts that funnel more air to the transmission and differential. Also a mesh front grille is implicated to shuffle more air to the intercooler.


Driving Modes
There are five different driving modes that can be effected by twelve different variables. These five modes are: Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport and, Track. All five of these different modes can be changed with a touch of a button right from the driver's seat, and the twelve different variables can be adjusted there as well.

The five different driving modes made capable by their legendary Electronic-Magnetic Ride Control speaks for themselves. Depending on the drivers driving conditions and the drivers preferences, there is a mode that will likely fit whatever the situation you put the Corvette in.


Frame and Structure
The frame will be constructed in-house at the famous Corvette factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The structure of the frame and the car itself are actually 60 percent stiffer than its predecessor, the ZR1. The ZO6 even has a removable top that when removed is still 20 percent stiffer than the ZR1.

Brakes and Tires
Chevy sticks with the huge carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes system while also sticking with 19 inch rims in the front and 20 inch rims in the back. But there was some adjustment to the width. The ZO6 receives slightly wider rims and tires than the ZR1: 2 inches wider in the front and 3 inches wider in the back to help get better grip when cornering around the racetrack.

Two sets of tires are offered, Michelin Pilot Sport tires which are the standard on all Corvettes, or the track proven Michelin Sport Cup Tires that will come standard if you order the ZO7 performance package. The Michelin Pilot tires are a very well-rounded set of tires for all driving conditions. But if you are looking to put down some amazing track times, the Michelin Sport Cup Tires are what you will need. They're sticky and made just for racing purposes; although street legal, they're made for the track.

The Interior
It is much of what you would expect from a specialized Corvette. You will receive two options for seats. An all-around comfortable set of GT seats and for those who are looking to race, a competition set of seats are offered that is designed to help support the body and keep it stably while engaging in high-performance activities. All of the interior can come wrapped in high quality Napa leather, sueded microfiber, aluminum and carbon-fiber.

With all of the top technology and comfort of a luxury car you could almost forget that you are driving the fastest American made production car.

And just in-case you did forget, the ZO6 can be ordered with an integrated recording system that can record your driving experience from a on-board camera and collect data to be stored into a memory card that is hidden in the glove box. That data then can be played-back on a computer and shared with friends or simply just used to better yourself at the track. And if you don't want to wait for a computer, all of the info can be displayed on the 8-inch screen that comes with the Vette.

Again, Chevrolet does it with Americas only American made supercar.