Sunday, July 4, 2021

2021 Z28 Camaro Died on the Vine

New Camaro Z28

Brand New Z28 - Nope

There was a Z28 Camaro in the making practically ready to give the Camaro world what they deserved. Unfortunately, General Motors has officially called the program off. Chevy planned to slam the 5.5-liter flat-crank naturally-aspired 600-hp Z06 engine into the Camaro and call it a Z28. There were even plans of bringing a manual option to the table since there isn't going to be a manual option for the (production delayed) Corvette Z06 due to transaxle complications. 

Flat-Crank Chevy Engine

It may not be the end for the Camaro, but it sure seems like it's getting close. This news of the Camaro Z28 cancelation comes after other Camaro packages for 2021 were canceled, and the news of the cancelation for a 55th Anniversary Edition Camaro for 2022.

What's the problem? 

It's simple, low sales. In fact, first-quarter sales for the Camaro in 2021 were lower than they've been in a decade. Last year the Camaro didn't even sell 30,000 units, and at the rate they are selling now, it's not likely they will sell over 20,000 for '21.

2021 Camaro

Does the Camaro Suck That Bad?

Not really! Performance-wise, when lined up against its competition, they do quite well. But this proves that performance isn't everything in the sports car market. 

Most experts say the exterior styling just isn't as appealing to consumers, and the interior materials and design are not that exciting and low-quality for a better lack of words. Add that in with complaints of low visibility in the cabin and high prices, and you get a low-selling Camaro. 

What's the Future Look Like for Camaro?

Well, there is no official word as of now what will happen to the Camaro. Chevy has kept a pretty tight lip on future plans like they always do. Who can blame them? 

But one thing that everyone does know is GM is dumping all their money into their EV success, or as I call it, "keeping up with the Jones." 

Hummer EV at Car  Show

It just seems to me that if there are plans on keeping the iconic Camaro around for the future, Chevy is going in the wrong direction. I think, instead of going out quietly and soft, which is the way it looks right now, why not end the Camaro with a bang. There would be a lot of Camaro fans that would love to see a last-generation Z28 Camaro with a thumping flat-crank 5.5-liter, 6-speed manual in it.