Sunday, February 22, 2015

Silverado Latest "Black Out" Edition


Chevrolet has decided to add another special edition to their Silveroda line-up. It's called the "Black Out Edition" and it will be added to the work truck model. Although a special edition, the Silveroda doesn't take on a crazy expensive price tag like one would think. The package only cost $1,595.00 unless you option up to the 5.3-Liter V-8, than it will cost you an extra $1095.00. The extra $1095.00 will still keep your price tag under $30,000.00, which is still a pretty good price for a brand new truck. And by most all accounts, optioning up to that bigger motor will probably be a pretty good idea, I mean, who wants a truck that looks badass but doesn't have the balls to back it up. 

The nice thing about the Chevy Silverado Black Out work truck is it is a base work truck with a base work truck price, but you'll be eliminating the plastic bumper and the steel rims that the WT model comes with. Instead your truck will have 20-inch aluminum rims, dark factory tint, blacked out Chevy emblems all the way around and more. The edition only comes in the regular and crew cab, Chevy probably left the extended cab out of the running for this edition to help keep the cost down.

Chevrolet is no stranger to making limited editions for their trucks. As of right now there is five different editions in their 2015 Silveroda line-up: The High Country, Rally Editions, Midnight Edition, Custom Sport Edition, and Texas Longhorns Edition. Most of these special edition Chevy Silverodas will cost a little more than just a few grand over base price like the Black Out Edition, so choose wisely.

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High Country