Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cadillac Heads for New Beginnings

New Cadillac

After spending more than 100 years connected to the Motor City (Detroit) Cadillac has decided to take their luxury line to the more luxury city of New York. In an attempt to distance themselves from Chevy, Buick, GMC, and other GM products, Cadillac thinks that New York would just be a better place to promote a true luxury line to keep up with other luxury brands.

On Sunday night during the big awards show, Cadillac made that very clear. They aired in three different commercial slots showing where there vehicles fit in more – in the high-class world of New York. In that commercial they became the first of all of the top luxury brands to show off a 2016 vehicle with what seems to be their new model “Tread Greatly”. The Cadillac CT6 showed us a very aggressive fronts grille smoothly integrating into bold body-lines seemingly running the length of a football field, no doubt, if there every has been a doubt, another beautiful car for Cadillac.

The CT6 will be the start of Cadillac's new alphanumeric name system, which is another attempt to look and sound more luxurious while trending with the other luxury companies across the pound. The CT6 will be a rear-wheel-drive V-8 and despite much speculation, no one really knows what drivetrain is going to be used. There is some talk about a dual-turbocharged V-8, but those could just be pipe dreams for GM enthusiasts. I would speculate, but I would rather just wait until the New York Auto Show where it is set to be unveiled and the true identity of the drivetrain will be too.

Either way, this attempt to take on a new look in the auto industry could be a good thing for Cadillac and GM. One things for sure, it sure can't hurt. Competing against companies like BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Mercedes, any edge you can get is a good edge. And in the end, the old saying goes – Location, Location, Location.