Thursday, June 17, 2021

2022 Corvette IMSA Special Edition Stingray

2022 Corvette C8.R

2022 Corvette IMSA Special Edition

The 2022 Corvettes are pretty cool as they are, but to pay tribute to the success Chevrolet and Corvette had with the C8.R in the 2021 IMSA inaugural racing season, a special edition Corvette will be available in 2022. Corvette's C8.R and the Corvette team did exceptionally well for Chevrolet last year, winning the manufacturers', drivers', and team titles in the IMSA sportscar championship series. 

2022 Corvette Stingray R8.6

IMSA Corvette Appearance Package

The 2022 Corvette Stingray ISMA GLM Championship Edition sports/supercar comes with a unique appearance package and all the small mechanical upgrades the Corvette will receive for 2022. Unforntelty, at least I was led to believe, that Corvette was not just going to settle on the C8 the way it was, but from what we know now, not many changes are going to find their way to the 2022 Corvette. Hopefully, mid-way through 2022, talks will start getting fired up about some of the major changes that have been discussed in the past e.i. eRay LT2 AWD hybrid and single and twin-turbocharged versions of the Vette.

2022 C8.R Corvette

The IMSA Corvette Stingray appearance package will include two color combinations: Accelerate Yellow with Gray corvette racing graphics and Hypersonic Gray with yellow accents. These special Corvettes will be outfitted with the larger rear wing and mirrors crafted in Carbon Flash.

2022 C8.R Rear Spoiler

They will also include black rocker guards and splash guards, yellow brake calipers, and Black Trident wheels with "Jake" logos on the center cap. On the interior, you get a C8.R Special Edition numbered plaque along with an interior design that follows your chosen exterior look. Yellow seat belts will come with Corvette's GT2 seats, or you can opt for the competition bucket seats for the all-around racing feel and vibe. 

2022 Corvette Interior


All special edition Corvettes will be sold as a 3LT model with the Z51 package, which is Corvette's highest trim. You will also get a special edition indoor car cover that matches your special edition color scheme. Expect to pay an extra $6,595 for the package along with the extra cost of the 3LT Z51 package. There will only be an official 1,000 models made, so expect for the price tag to be high and the car to be rare to find. 

C8.R Corvette

What's New for the 2022 Corvette Stingray

As mentioned above, not much will be changing. Even the horsepower and torque rating will be staying the same for the 6.2-liter LT1 (490 hp and 495 torque), which is still a good number. 

According to Chief Engineer Josh Holder, the Corvette injection system will be operating at a higher pressure which will help the 6.2-liter small-block get better emissions and better stability at idle RPMs. There have also been some other changes to the enhanced "Active Fuel Management" range. 

The Corvette will now deactivate cylinders over a broader range of RPMs and in lower gears. Although the hope would be to get better EPA ratings, there has been nothing noted yet.   

The few last changes will be aerodynamic changes that probably won't be too noticeable. So if you were wondering if the C8 was going to be another long stretch of similar-looking Corvette's year-after-year like previous generations, that's the way it's looking.