Saturday, November 11, 2017

Electric Corvette Ready To Go Into Production

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Electric Corvette

Would you feel comfortable in a Corvette that doesn’t rumble like America’s most iconic sports car? The guys at Genovation Cars believe that this will be the future for all cars including cars like Challengers, Camaros, Mustangs, etc. So to see if this generation is ready for that type of technology, Genovation Cars will put an all-electric sports car into production that is based on the seventh-generation Corvette Z06.   

The Genovation GXE Corvette is the fastest electric car in the world breaking its previous record of 205.6-mph with a top speed of 289.481-mph. The current Corvette we have been seeing in videos breaking these records was based on the six-generation Z06 whereas the Corvette that will be going into production will be based on the seventh-generation.

Making this move to production all possible is the Genovation’s decision to team up with two very tech-driven companies. The first partnership that the Genovation team formed is with the Michigan-based Prefix Corporation. Prefix will be in charge of vehicle prototyping, engineering, integration and vehicle production planning. The other partnership that Genovation has created is with a California-based corporation called Stafl Systems. This well-respected team of engineers will be responsible for the electrical systems, battery-pack integration, powertrain refinement and performance.

“We’re thrilled to have begun the next evolution of the GXE with these two world-class partners,” Andrew Saul, CEO of Genovation Cars, Inc. says. “We’re a driven team that is focused on offering the highest performing street-legal electric car in the world.”

The development of the prototypes for the seventh-generation Genovation GXE Corvette is on the way at the Prefix Corporation's headquarters. You can expect to see a debut of these electric sports cars at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas early next year. When Genovation starts taking orders for the Corvettes, how much can you expect to pay? Well, the number that comes up the most is around $750,000. So yes, these cars are not being produced for the average Corvette enthusiast.