Monday, November 6, 2017

2018 Chevrolet Camaro 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Edition

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2018 Hot Wheels Edition Camaro 

Back in 2013, Camaro offered up a Hot Wheels Special Edition Camaro that came with a Kinetic Blue Metallic paint job. For 2018, Camaro will be offering another Hot Wheels Edition to celebrate Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary. This time the Camaro will be dressed up with a Crush Orange paint job. Although some might think that the Camaro color is the famous Camaro Hugger Orange - it’s not. The Crush orange is actually a tribute to Hot Wheels iconic orange race tracks they produced for many years.

Stretched across the center of the Camaro running from bumper-to-bumper are a set of Satin Graphite racing stripes with Ice Metallic accents. Along with the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition package comes Satin Graphite ground effects, blacked out bowtie badges, 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels fender emblems, darker tail lights, and orange brake calipers. Hot Wheels-inspired 20-inch wheels with Chevrolet center caps round out the bold but sleek looking special edition exterior looks.

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The interior has its own set of goodies. Special Hot Wheels Edition door sills pop right out at you when you open up the door. The gorgeous Jet Black interior is trimmed with Crush Orange stitching and other orange inserts like knee pads, door panel inserts, custom-made seats and more. You’ll even find a Hot Wheels logo on your steering wheel for a constant reminder of your special edition purchase.

These 2018 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition packages can be ordered on the 2018 2LT and 2SS Camaros for $4,995.00. At the 2017 SEMA Show Chevrolet intorduced the new 2018 COPO Camaro Hot Wheels Edition with an updated 302 small block race engine. Most of the special accented parts and accessories that you receive on the Hot Wheels 2SS and 2LT trim models are the same on the COPO with two big exceptions. The wheels and tires are different and more beefy to accommodate competition racing, and on the doors and quarter panels of the COPO is a pretty good sized Hot Wheels 50th anniversary decal that is a little lighter shade of orange then the Crush Orange. So although a pretty big decal, it’s not intrusive to the exterior look.

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The 2018 Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition can be ordered both with the coupe and the convertible. These are going to be limited edition Camaros, and orders have already been being processed with delivery dates sometime in the spring of 2018.