Monday, March 23, 2015

“Teen Driver” Safety System Installed on 2016 Chevy Malibu

“Teen Driver” is a technologysystem that helps parents regulate and monitor how their teenagers are driving. This technology has been around for a while, but for the first time GM will be installing them on the 2016 Chevy Malibu. It's a simple case of making sure your teen's driving habits stay safe. The unfortunate thing is nowadays driving like a NASCAR driver with the radio blasting is not as much of a problem with teens as keeping their mobile devices out of their hands when they're in the driver seat. The technology to turn off mobile devices is in the working, but not yet quite ready for the public – let's cross our fingers for speedy solution.

Until than, the “Teen Driver” system does help parents get a little piece of mind when their kids have the vehicle. With a pin number keyed to the key fob your kids use, you can control many different aspects of the car and also request a report card of their driving when they get home.

Features the “Teen Driver” Lets You Control
  • You can set the radio to stay mute until safety belts are fastened.
  • You can lower the max. radio volume.
  • You can adjust max speed anywhere from 40-75-mph. Now this doesn't work like a governor where the engine won't go any faster. But if the speed is exceeded, an audible warning and visual warnings will go off until the vehicle is brought back to speed.
  • You can make sure that all smart car and safety features are implicated and can not be turned off. These features that will be permanently functional will be determined on what features you have on your vehicle – traction control, forward collision alert, front and rear park assist, side blind zone alert, rear cross-traffic alert, front pedestrian braking, automatic light control, daytime running lights, parking sensors, automatic braking and more.

As mentioned above, parents can request a report card of their teenager's driving, this will include things like their top speed, distance driven, how many times the driver violated the pre-set speed limit, and how often the vehicle's safety features were activated. So not only will you know how far your teenage went and how fast they went to get their, but the “Teen Driver” system will also let you know how many times the stability-control, anti-lock brake system, forward-collision alerts and auto-braking events are activated.

Your teen may think of it like an invasion of privacy, but as adults we know it's all about keeping our teens safe. The fatal crash rate per mile driven is the highest in drivers 16-19 years old. So your kid may hate the idea of the “Teen Driver” system and believe it's part of a government conspiracy, we know it's just about them coming back home in one piece. Now if we can just get that technology that shuts off mobile devices for the driver, not just for teens but for everyone, maybe the roads will be a little safer.