Sunday, October 27, 2013

2014 Corvette Stingray: Too Fast for the Price

These are just a couple of Stingrays that fond their way into a wreck.

 Big bank rolls with no driving skills -- cloud your new Corvette Stingray end up looking like these?

Has General Motors put to much power into there new Corvettes?

Lets face it, if your someone who has enough money to buy a special edition Corvette ZR1 or a supercar like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, most likely you will set that
car in the garage and look at it, show to your friends -- but drive it around every day -- that probably wouldn't even be an option.

But with the Stingray being priced reasonably -- a price about the same as last years Corvettes -- these cars will be finding their way to the roads of even the most average Joe cities. It could be scary.