Sunday, October 13, 2013

2014 Chevy Malibu: Will it Fare Better Than 2013

General Motors is known for being the last out of the gate when it comes to styling of their mid-sized sport/luxury sedans. There also known for catching up with the times when they get around to it.

Instead fixing the problem they usually make up the difference by slashing prices and offering incentives. But this time around, with GM doing as well as they have this past year, and also with GM stock holders not wanting the short cut that GM usually takes - GM will take a new approach.

Instead of waiting for a couple of years and then promoting a refresh version of the car right before they offer a all-new redesigned Malibu, like they would usually do - GM decides to refresh now, sooner-than-later. A refreshed model of the 2013 Malibu has been designed and will make its way to the showroom floors in early 2014.

With new exterior styling including a stouter front clip, redesigned front seats to help add room to the back seats - which was a big complaint for consumers, more trunk space and some engine up-grades that include the stop/start technology system and better gas mileage for the base 2.5 liter motor (25 city and 36 highway) - GM hopes this Malibu will compete better with its competition - especially the Ford Fusion and the Toyota Camry which is in the same class as the Malibu, but did much better this past year in sales.

Although the Malibu is not completely redesigned - as GM would call it (refreshed), it will unusually receive the complete and full advertising push. This treatment is usually only reserved for all-new redesigned models, but with GM doing as well as they have with their other models - such as the new Sileradro, Impala, Cruze and their Cadillac line - GM wants nothing to do with a dud in their line-up.