Monday, April 8, 2013

Camaro Holds the Honor For the INDY 500 Festival Car

chevy-camaro-convertible-hot-wheels-editionThe 2013 Hot Wheels Limited Edition Convertible Camaro 2SS will be the INDY 500 Festival Car for the 97th Indianapolis 500. As tradition, there will be 33 given to Indianapolis official, personnel, media etc. to drive around for the week to help promote the INDY 500 and also promote the Camaro.

The Hot Wheels Convertible Camaro will be a one time only production run. Coming this spring, you will only have to shell out a little over six thousand dollars more to get the Hot Wheels package and due to it's limited edition status it should be a true collectors edition.

The Hot Wheels Edition will be available in both 2LT and 2SS trims and will feature the Hot Wheels grille and deck lid logos, sill plates, bright blue metallic paint job, red accents and special rims and red line tires.

So if you do get a chance to purchase one, holding on to it would be a smart thing to do for it will probably double, triple and quadruple in wroth.