Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Cadillac CTS-V: A Great Alternative to Owning a Sports Car

Depending on where you live, your financial situation, the type of job you have, and how many people you may be forced to cart around on occasion – owning a sports car may not be something you can accommodate in your life no matter how much you want one. If you’re a person who wants the fun of a sports car but the convenience of a luxury car, then General Motors has an option for you. The Cadillac CTS-V is the best of both worlds – combining luxury, technology, engineering and raw sports car power to give consumers the perfect car.

The Power of a Sports Car Power Plant

First, GM starts out with putting a 6.2 liter supercharged V-8 engine in the Cadillac for the power – and then gives consumers the option of TR6060 six-speed manual transmission with a dual-disc clutch or a Hydra-Matic 6l90 six-speed automatic transmission.
From the transmission, the power leads back to limited-slip differential with an axle ratio of 3.73 for the manual transmission or a 3.23 for the automatic transmission, both of which successfully handles the massive power that the Cadillac produces. This combination is responsible for a documented 556 horsepower and 551-lb.ft of torque and helps launch the Cadillac to an impressive 3.9 second sixty foot time.

Suspension and Brakes

For the suspension, GM uses the Stabilitrak, an electronic stability control system that has the ability to perform on the track successfully, but also performs like a top-notch luxury car in everyday driving. The Stabilitrak includes a low-mass aluminum short and long arm LSA front suspension, a multi-track rear suspension, and a fully isolated sub-frame for greater control and stability. 
Also, to help keep control of the Cadillac, there is a fully functioning traction control system that is integrated with the engine and the four-wheel ABS break system. High performance V. Brembo rotors and 4 piston calipers are used to cap off the impressive brake system.

The exterior

The exterior sports a beefed up looking hood and a beefed up spoiler, both of which helps with the CTS-V’s high speed aerodynamic engineering. Functional fender mounted vents help the big V-8 breath a little better and also helps give a little bit of an intimidating look. And to help with intimidation are ten-spoke 19 inch aluminum wheels that can be purchased in a polished, satin or graphite finish. The wheels are wrapped in competition track approved Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires specifically made for the CTS-V.

Cutting Edge Interior

The interior is all cutting edge, outfitted with nothing but the best technology for the driver and other passengers to enjoy comfortably. An eight inch LCD touch screen control center puts everything the driver and or the co-pilot will need right at their finger tips. From there you can control your ten speaker Bose 5.1 surround sound system with ipod connectivity, hard drive space for music storage and Seattleite radio. 
The control center also has a 3-D color imaging voice guidance navigation system that also contains a rear-view back-up camera that will alert the driver of possible hazards that a driver would not normally see. 
When it comes to the front seats, the buyer will have the option of purchasing high performance Recero seats. To help comfort and stability, the Recaro seats are heated and ventilated with fourteen different adjustable settings, pneumatic bolster controls and thigh extenders to accommodate tall people, short people and everyone in-between.

Documented Track Performance

The CTS-V has no real documented quarter-mile times. But I personally have had the chance to watch it perform at the track and have seen various times that fall between – high 12 second to high 11 second quarter-mile times – and top speeds that reach about 190 mph. The big differences between the quarter-mile times are the effect of some drivers who know how to drive a stick, those who don't, the drivers who chose the standard automatic transmission and possible after market parts that may have been installed.

Last Words

With a MSRP price tag between $64,515 and $74,910, the Cadillac is a great option for the sports car enthusiastic who just can't find a way to fit one into their life. With an EPA gas mileage rating of 18 city/27 hwy, plenty of room for passengers and plenty of trunk space for any occasion – you can use the CTS-V for a road trip or a fun day at the road course.