Saturday, November 15, 2014

The New El Camino: The Holden UTE

Ever since 1959, the Chevrolet El Camino has been somewhat of an infatuation for car lovers. The sedan-slash-truck is popular among car shows and car cruises and definitely stands out as a vehicle in a class of its own.  

Since 1987, the rare looking car has been discontinued, leaving a lot of El Camino fans wondering when and if they were ever going to bring it back. Chevrolet has brought back the COPO and the Yenko Camaro, GM as well has brought back other vehicles from the past and still planning to bring back others.

The question is if America loved the El Camino so much and Chevrolet was having such success with them, then why does Australia get to enjoy a version of the El Camino and Americans don't. The Australian car company Holden owned by GM produces a Holden UTE that looks just like an updated version of an El Camino.

General Motors has plans to have all of their production interest out of Australia by 2016 and that probably means that will be the end of the Holden UTE, especially since sales have been way down in the past 3 years on them. But one must wonder with GM making such strives by making big splashes in the industry from year-to-year with cars like the ATS-V, ZO6, Z28, a possible Grand National, etc. -- could an El Camino comeback be on the Horizon?

The UTE is already designed with all top-of-the-line technology. The SS-V Redline series UTE already packs a 6.0L V-8 engine with about 367hp connected to a six-speed auto or manual transmission. Nineteen-inch alloy wheels with Brembo brakes and an FE3 Ultra Sport suspension is what helps control that power. All this would make it very easy for Chevrolet to put an LS motor and drive train in it practically with no modifications.

The Bells and Whistles:         


8'' touch screen with Mylink
5-star ANCAP safety rating
Electronic Stability Control
park assist
rearview camera
blind-spot alert
front collision alert
electric parking brake
push-button start
lane departure warning
full range of airbags

Trailer assists
And much more...

It would just be pretty cool to see these Holden UTEs in America roaming around with a Chevy emblem on the front grille.