Friday, July 12, 2013

Street Racing: Not Worth It!

Growing up I spent many years at the Drag Strip, but when I got my first car (71' 455 Buick Skylark, low 12's in the quarter-mile) in High School I found a new way to skip school and hang out late at night. Throughout all my drag racing troubles I managed to almost kill myself and an old lady while skipping auto class to drag race a friend. I also got caught in a drag racing sting in Detroit a few years later that cost time off of work and a fortune in my pocketbook. Add that in with the mass amounts of traffic tickets and the stupidity adds up.  

As young adults, we were out of control. It all seemed like fun and games, but when I recently lost a friend from street racing I realized that no one was invisible and this might be as dangerous as I was warned.

My advice to anyone out there, settle it at the Drag strip. 

  • No reason for fighting because you can't cheat. (Leave Your Guns at Home)
  • Professional safety help is there for the sole purpose of a racing accident. And you won't have to worry about people running away from the accident to stay out of trouble when you're in need of help.
  • Doesn't cost that much to race, and a speeding plus drag racing ticket costs much more.
  • You're more likely to stay alive and not injure innocent people.
  • And usually, people are mostly friendly.