Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Corvette Stingray or Camaro ZL1: Which is a Better Buy

 Corvette or Camaro

It's tough to say which is a better buy?

But I think it's safe to say they're both completely Bad Ass!

Awesome power.

Awesome styling.

Awesome reputation. 

And well, Chevrolet's Greatest Hits.

So, which one?

The Vette looks awesome, and lets face it, who would not want to be seen in a American icon. I think when you drive in a Vette it gives you a certain amount of confidence. It puts you in a different class of car guy. Plus, this Corvette could very well be one of the Baddest Ass looking Corvettes ever made.

When it comes to Camaro, there is plenty of prestige there as well. Pretty much all the technology available to today's muscles cars is implicated on it, and lets not forget it has its legendary status as well. And, there is too more reasons not to over-look the Camaro: less pricey and more spacious.  

So which one would I choose, doesn't mater.

So which one should you choose? I guess that just depends on what kind of Bad Ass you want to be.

With the Woodard Dream Cruise right around the corner, it should be interesting to see just how many ZL1s and Stingrays flood the streets, possibly maybe even a brand new COPO or two, they are out there. Also another thing that might be interesting to see, is since the Woodard Dream Cruise is such a media attracting event, maybe Chevrolet will feel a little ambitious and give us a little sneak peak at the new Z28s.

Regardless, it's a good summer to be a Chevrolet fan.