Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Callaway Concept - 2014 Corvette Stingray Aerowagon

If you know Corvettes, then you probably heard of the company Callaway. A specialized company that takes already impressive automobiles and customizes them into nothing short of amazing. They usually customize vehicles by adding more power, racing sports suspensions, ground effects/body-kits and anything else in their imagination to make an all already impressive stock vehicle, crazy radical.

With such a buzz around Corvette's new Stingray, Corvettes branching out to Callaway to add a new option for consumers, a Stingray Aerowagon concept. Although, most people may not know, Corvette has played around with the Corvette wagon since 1954 with little success, but this would be the first time the Callaway company would be involved in the making of the wagon. The design is created to give a sports car wagon option to compete with the Ferrari's FF wagon option. The Corvette would be built in Kentucky on the assembly-line at the official Corvette plant and will only run consumers an extra $15,000 dollars for the option. GM insures if the carbon-fiber extended hatch with a glass top does become an option in 2014, the option should not effect the gas millage or performance by much, in better terms meaning: Even though you will be driving a wagon, you will still be driving a Corvette.