Tuesday, December 25, 2018

2020 Detroit North American International Auto Show Moves To June To Skip The Cold

Detroit North American Auto Show

Detroit North American International Auto Show

It's been no surprise that in the last few years and counting the Detroit North American Auto Show has been failing to achieve attendance goals. And when attendance is down, car automakers drop out.

As of right now, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi have already dropped out of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show. That’s really not that big of a surprise considering automakers like Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Jaguar, and high-end exotic and luxury brands like Bentley have been absent from the prestigious Motor City auto show for years now.  

Guilty As Charged
I love cars and worked in some way shape or form for the auto industries for many years. I try to make it every January, but I've skipped a few times just because of the cold. It always seems to be the week of the auto show that the weather temps drop to a bitter cold making it extremely miserable walking to Cobo Hall where the auto show is held.

Walking down the side streets with towering building on both sides of you turns the streets into a wind tunnel, a wind tunnel that sometimes feels like sub-below temps blowing you from side-to-side. So you have to bundle up to get to the auto show, then you have to coat check everything, and it really just becomes a big hassle when you can stay at home and watch Auto Week.

What’s New For The 2020 North American Auto Show in June?
  • Plenty of courted off space for outdoor exhibits for automakers. 
  • Live Music Venue.
  • Outdoor conference room for world-class speakers. 
  • A mini test-drive track for interested car shoppers.
  • Outdoor food court with food trucks from some of the best culinary hotspots in Detroit.
  • Fun and games. 
  • And much more. 

Image result for 2020 Detroit North American Auto Show

Image result for 2020 Detroit North American Auto Show

Image result for 2020 Detroit North American Auto Show

This exciting indoor-outdoor event that will be held right after the Belle Isle Grand Prix will really help the Motor City seem like the Motor City again.

"The potential to create a month-long automotive festival in Detroit starting with the Detroit Grand Prix, going through our show and concluding with the nationally-celebrated fireworks on the river, will provide an unmatched festival-like experience for all attendees," Detroit Auto Show executive director Rod Alberts said in a press release. "June provides us with exciting new opportunities that January just didn't afford."

The first annual “No Holds Barred” Motor City Showdown legal drag race in September at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport was a huge success. This further lead Detroit into making more changes to really make the Motor City the Motor City again and just a great city all around.  

Detroit is really becoming a great place to visit. There is plenty of great places to eat, visit, shop, listen to music, and drink. A far cry from what it used to be three decades ago.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Harley J. Earl: Four Important Contributions Given To The Automotive Industry

Harley J. Earl

Harley J. Earl

Harley J. Earl started his career at General Motors in the design department as Head of Design. After proving his skills to be invaluable, General Motors appointed him to become Vice President of the corporation.  

The move by GM made Mr. Earl the first-ever appointed top executive of a major corporation in American history. Every executive prior to Earl was grandfathered into their positions.

So what made him so desirable?

What made General Motors go so far out of character to appoint Mr. Earl and his abilities to a Vice President position?

Not only was Earl’s ability to design vehicles incredible, but he also had a knack that no one else did, he could tap into what the consumer wanted.  

Instead of designing vehicles that General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford deemed as profitable, he wanted to design and build vehicles that consumers wanted to see and drive. This idealism made General Motors nervous, but ultimately they trusted in Earl with good outcomes. GM saw the rise in public excitement, vehicle sales, and of course, profits.

Here are just four of Harley J. Earl’s important contributions to the automotive industry.    

Harley J. Earl


1. Freeform Sketching and Hand Sculpted Clay Models: Harley J. Earl was a coachbuilder by trade. By honing and adjusting his craft, he became a pioneer of car design by introducing the use of freeform sketching and hand-sculpting clay models. Bringing this skill to the industry helped create some of the finest bodylines that we’ve come to know and love today.

1954 Corvette

2. Chevrolet Corvette: Earl decided that America needed a real sports car, one that resembled the English and European sports cars that were getting built overseas after WWII.

With Earl’s already established reputation in the automotive industry, he didn’t think he would get too much pull from other executives by presenting the thought of taking on such a risky project as creating a sports car, and he didn’t.

He went to Chevrolet’s general manager, Ed Cole, with a secret project called “Project Opel." With complete confidence in Harley Earl, Mr. Cole gave him the okay with no hesitation. Not more than a year later, in 1953, America would get its first glimpse at what would become the most iconic American sports car ever built, the Chevrolet Corvette.  

Buick y-job 1938

3. First Concept Car: The 1939 Buick Y-Job was the first-ever concept car built. Earl recognized early the need to get the public's reaction to a vehicle's appearances and performance before one is put into production.

Under Earl’s supervision and direction, the General Motors styling division created something similar to what they hoped would become the next production car for Buick. With enough interest and feedback from the public, GM put a vehicle into production that turned out to be very successful. With such success with the “concept car”, to this day the concept is used every year by every large automotive corporation in the world. 


Automotive Tailfins

4. Tailfins: If you like the look of classic cars, then you know you like the look of tailfins. They’re stylish, they’re sexy, and the design of them are credited to Harley J. Earl. First appearing on the Frank Hershey 1948 Cadillac, they became an iconic look that was used throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Automotive Tailfins

After the public accepted the look, Detroit car builders, especially Chrysler, competed to see who could design the most complex, biggest tailfins that could fit on the back of a car while still looking awesome.

Automotive Tailfins

An American Automotive Pioneer

Harley J. Earl

Some of the coolest inventions and designs the public gets to enjoy in the automotive industry today are credited to Harley J Earl. Without him, who knows if we would have the Corvette, the ‘57 Chevy, and concept cars among many other great things we get to enjoy credited to Earl. 

1951 Buick LeSabre

You don’t hear about him too much, but we should always remember one of the great pioneers of the automotive industry.

Monday, October 8, 2018

2020 C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Just About Ready For Unveiling

2020 C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

It’s about that time, the cats just about out of the bag and the mid-engine C8 Chevrolet Corvette’s most recent run around Nürburgring raceway has given us a lot to look at.

The 2020 C8 Corvette is getting ready to shred its camouflage. Most all rumors from credible sources all have the same info in common, and that is we will most likely see the first version of the 2020 Vette at the North American International Auto Show.  

But thanks to some great spy photos and some insider info,  we can get a pretty good grasp of what to expect at the Corvette’s international unveiling. Corvette is trying to keep the C8 from falling into a class like the Ford GT, a high-priced limited edition exotic sports car. To accomplish that goal, the new C8 Corvette will be using the C7 Spaceframe to keep cost down.

The C7 Spaceframe is a beautifully designed frame that is more than capable of handling the speeds and the cornering that the C8 will be expected to handle.

The body of the C8 Corvette does feature a lower and wider stance than the C7 Corvette which is much expected. The short front overhang and the big front air dams really make the Corvette look much more like a European supercar. But since Corvette is looking to make a much bigger presence in the global market, the look makes sense.

You won’t find vertical lifting doors (Lambo doors) on these new Corvettes, but you will find a set of dual rear calipers and a set of dual buttress supports placed on both sides of what most people think will be a see-through glass engine cover.

Now The Fun Stuff: Powerplants

When the C8 Corvette was tested at the famous Nürburgring raceway, from what everyone could tell it was being tested with the first engine that will be available with the mid-engine Corvette. That engine is the C7 Stingray 6.2-liter V8 that will put out 500-hp.

Later in the year, a 5.5-liter V8 engine should arrive with a flat plane crank and a DOHC setup pushing out about 600-hp. The next move after that will be to implicate a twin turbocharging option that should boost the Corvette’s 5.5-liter horsepower engine up to 800.  

Corvette has also mentioned plans for a hybrid option. Some old school American car enthusiast might cringe at this idea, but if Corvette wants to compete in the supercar market globally, then they have to get with the times. This new hybrid option will add an electric motor to the front wheels while the twin-turbo engine will be supplying power to the rear wheels ultimately giving the Corvette hybrid a rating of 1,000-hp.

What’s Happening in Bowling Green, KY

About 15 months ago, Corvette closed down their Bowling Green Corvette Plant in Kentucky to make $700 million dollars in upgrades so that they can efficiently mass produce the C8 mid-engine Corvette. The plant will reopen to the public sometime in January 2019.

Unfortunately, with such a massive move to upgrade the plant to accommodate the new C8 Corvette, one can only speculate that Corvette planned for the ZR1 to be the final hooray for the C7 and front engine Corvettes altogether.  

Friday, September 21, 2018

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Online Configurator. Plus Lower Prices And New Technology

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Online Configurator

If shopping for the perfect car that has everything you want - the right color, wheels, accessories and more - becomes too tedious of a job for you, then Chevrolet has something new you might find fun and interesting.

The new 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Online Configurator is a way to build your dream Camaro without leaving your house. Using Chevrolet's configurator located on their website, you can get a 180-degree visual of what the exterior and interior of a particular Camaro will look like based on the options and configurations you choose. You will also get a net price of what the Camaro will cost and a location to the nearest dealership that has a Camaro on their lot that has all the bells and whistles you're looking for.

The configurator supplies you with seven different Camaro categories that you can customize. Pages include configuration, trims, colors, packages, exterior, interior and accessories. The configurator interface is easy to use and you can customize everything from wheel size and tire options to interior color and seating options.

Refreshed 2019 Camaro
There are not too many big changes to the new Camaro, but a bolder, stronger looking front end will be added to the already menacing looking sports car. The Camaro LS, LT, and RS models get a new front fascia that is a little sleeker looking whereas the Camaro SS front end will receive a bigger front fascia somewhat resembling the Silverado's new bold look.  

The four-cylinder turbo trim models, including the new 3LT trim model, will offer you a more sophisticated, custom 1LE suspension option. Although not your big engine Camaro - pumping out 275 horsepower and 295 lb.-ft. of torque - you can still have a lot of fun in these four-cylinder sports cars.     

The Camaro SS offers you a newly advanced 10-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission. This trans includes a line lock control and custom launch control technology for a better drag racing experience. Also, on higher end Camaro trims, a new Gen 3 Chevrolet MyLink Infotainment System displayed on an eight-inch-diagonal color touch-screen will be standard.

New Pricing
The Camaro 1LS will drop from $26,900 to $25,995, while the Camaro 2LT will drop approximately $3,000 from last year’s previous price tag. Since the Camaro has fallen behind the Mustang and the Challenger in terms of sales, Chevrolet’s sales strategy is to focus on lower prices for high-volume Camaro trim models.

One last surprise the 2019 Chevrolet Camaro configurator lets us in on is the “Crush” orange exterior paint option will again be available. This color made its last debut on the 2017 Camaro alongside the Camaro Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary special edition vehicle.  

Monday, September 3, 2018

Corvette C7.R To Race In China For The First Time Ever

Related image

Corvette C7.R

What’s Chevrolet's latest move to increase sales for the Corvette overseas? Bring their coolest Corvette they have to race at places they haven’t raced yet.   

Corvette will close out the 20th season of FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) with its first-ever factory-run race in Asia. The Corvette C7.R Redline special edition will run the 6 hours of Shanghai on the weekend of November 16-18.

The Shanghai International Circuit is a venue that offers 16 turns in 5.45-km (3.38-miles) per lap. Like all WEC races, this track is designed to test the vehicle’s speed, endurance, stability, fuel economy and, of course, the driver’s skills. Built in 2004, the motorsports venue already host many racing championship circuits including the Formula One Chinese Grand Prix.

“Corvette Racing has proven itself as a world-class racing program,” said the Chevrolet director of Motorsports Competition, Mark Kent. “Competing in the Shanghai race provides us with an additional opportunity to test ourselves against the top manufacturers and teams in the FIA WEC.”    

Chevrolet Redline Edition

Chevrolet's decision for making the move toward racing the Redline edition Corvette C7.R instead of the tradition yellow and black C7.R is because of their plans to sell the special edition Corvette in China and other countries in that region.

The Redline edition isn’t just limited to the Corvette. This special edition trim was first introduced at the 2015 SEMA Show and is implicated on select Chevrolet trucks, SUVs, sedans, compacts and sports cars. Some of these other special edition models will join the Corvette in the overseas sales campaign.      

Scott Lawson, general director of Chevrolet for SAIC-GM tells us, “Chevrolet plans on strengthening their brand in China by boosting their product lineup and their overall customer and ownership experience. We have been rolling out more youthful and sportier Redline editions to help reach younger customers, the ones that are most likely to branch out and buy a sporty looking Chevrolet.”

Either way, global exposure and sales will keep profits up and stock prices steady if not rising.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

New Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 to Pace the Indy 500 - Here’s Why It Gets the Honor!

Image result for 2019 corvette zr1 Indy 500 pace car

Corvette ZR1 Indy 500 Pace Car

With its aggressive look and big bold front end and rear spoiler, this Corvette looks like it’s ready to take on every supercar on the planet, and with its overwhelming power and handling abilities, it is.

Let’s take a look at some of the 2019 Corvette ZR1 hard hitting numbers and influential features that helped it earn its right to be this years Indy 500 Pacecar.
The monster 6.2-liter supercharged V8 that sits under the aggressive looking hood of the Corvette ZR1 cranks out 755 horsepower. That horsepower combined with an eight-speed automatic transmission or a seven-speed rev-matching manual transmission pushes this ZR1 from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds and covers the quarter-mile in 10.6 seconds at 134 mph. If that still leaves you a little under impressed, then maybe the 212 mph average top speed at the track in Papenburg, Germany can open your eyes to just how well this Corvette performs.  

What makes this LT5 ZR1 6.2-liter engine so much more potent than the Corvette Z06 6.2-liter V8? The engine the ZR1 gets has been upgraded with a bigger Eaton supercharger, bigger throttle body, a beefier camshaft and uses both port-and-direct fuel injection for an increase of 105 ponies over the Z06.

Image result for 2019 corvette zr1Helping this massive LT5 engine perform well even at high speeds for long periods of time is a much larger front fascia than the average Corvette. The ZR1 front fascia includes huge air dams and fender vents to help push as much cool air into the 13 radiators as possible. The ZR1 also offers plenty of other large exterior features. The front splitter is noticeably bigger than the Z06 front splitter and the ZR1 rear spoiler just dwarfs the ZO6 rear spoiler. Along with some other awesome carbon fiber add-ons, the 2019 ZR1 Corvette creates 950 pounds of downforce. Now it should be noted that if you don’t plan on doing any major competition circuit racing, you probably won’t need the massive rear spoiler, and if you think it looks intrusive, you can order your new ZR1 with a Z06 rear spoiler for a more reasonable look.    

So how does this turn-key race car drive as a daily driver with an average driver behind the wheel? When the Corvette is switched to Touring mode, you will get to enjoy a quieter exhaust, looser steering characteristics and a softer suspension. Outside of being very careful with the aggressive acceleration, this new 2019 Corvette ZR1 has the ability to offer you a very easy driving powerful supercar that leaves you confident in your driving abilities. And if you do want to test your driving skills at high speeds, the Michelin Super Sports tires and magnetic suspension offers you the same easy handling attributes at high speeds as it does in everyday driving situations. For a car that can reach 200+ mph and go 10 seconds in the quarter-mile, its ability to let you handle the car at ease at any speed is incredible. And of course, stopping has never been an issue with Corvette’s high performers. Six-piston carbon ceramic Brembo brake calipers are used in the front and four-piston calipers are used in the rear.  

Obviously, the interior of the Corvette ZR1 cabin is just as high-tech as the exterior and drivetrain. An eight-inch touchscreen infotainment center host all of the goodies and connectivity capabilities you would expect out of a high-end General Motors vehicle. Included with that system is a rearview backup camera, a front end camera so you don’t mash up your front splitter, and a powerful Bose system so you can jam away on long car cruises.

Coming Soon
The most powerful and capable Corvette ever built is now available at select dealerships. The full load of the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 coupes and convertibles should be coming to all qualifying dealerships later this year/early next.

So what can you expect to pay for this 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1? Around $122,095 for the coupe and $126,095 for the convertible (no word on the extra cost for the Indy 500 Special Edition).

Image result for 2019 corvette zr1 convertible

To see this 2019 Corvette ZR1 in action, tune into ABC, Sunday, May 27 for the official Indy 500 Race.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Yenko Camaro: Rare 1981 Turbo Z

 1981 Camaro Yenko Turbo Z

1981 Camaro Yanko Turbo Z

Car enthusiasts, including knowledgeable Camaro enthusiasts, may believe one of two things: the last Don Yenko specialty car was the 1971 Chevy Nova Yenko, or it was the 2010 Chevy Camaro Yenko, but neither one of these beliefs would be true.

2010 Chevy Camaro Yenko - Not A True Yenko
The 2010 Chevy Camaro Yenko is in fact not a true Don Yenko car at all. Chevy obtained the rights to use the Yenko name on the 2010 Yenko Camaro, but that does not make it a Don Yenko car. Instead, unlike true Don Yenko cars that were customized at his dealerships, the 2010 Yenko Camaro is just a special edition factory produced Camaro, the Yenko franchise had nothing to do with it.

Stage I & II 1981 Camaro Yenko Turbo Z
The 1971 Chevy Nova Yenko may be the last memorable Yenko specialty car, but there is a true Yenko edition that came after the ‘71 Nova. The very rare Stage I & II 1981 Camaro Yenko Turbo Z may not have come out in the muscle car era when cars were known for their power, but like most of Yenko’s cars, these Camaros would be customized to be much more powerful than what they were when they were ordered from the factory.

Image result for 1981 Camaro Yenko

Thanks to emission regulations, the 1981 350-ci.-in. Camaro Z-28 was choked down to a mere 175 horsepower, not nearly enough to be called a muscle car anymore. Don Yenko decided that one of his last adventures in car building would be to give the Chevy Camaro some much needed modern power that could be respected.

1981 Yenko Camaro Stage I & II
There was 19 Stage I & II Yenko Camaros built at Don Yenko dealerships. Three of those were the Turbo Z Stage II Camaros making them some of the rarest Camaros in existence. All 19 of these Camaros are still considered extremely rare and came with an abundance of visual and performance upgrades.

Not only did the 1981 Yenko Camaro come with enough performance upgrades to knock off about three seconds from its original Z28 quarter-mile time, it also came with all of the luxuries that could be ordered from the factory like leather, air condition, tilt steering wheel, and more. The only thing it did not come with was a radio - in place of the radio was a “Yenko Turbo Z” plate.

Chevy 350 cu-in. Turbo

1981 Yenko Camaro Upgrades:

  • 7 PSI. Turbocharger Added to the 350 cu.-in. Engine 
  • 350 Turbo Trans
  • G80 Positraction
  • 3.08:1 Rear Gears                      
  • Koni Shock Absorbers
  • Stiffer Stabilizer Bars 
  • IROC Front Spoiler
  • Turbo Z Logo Specific Decals and Floor Mats
  • Leather Racing Steering Wheel

Image result for 1981 Camaro Yenko

So how much horsepower does this turbocharged 1981 Camaro Yenko produce? Well, no one is for sure, but experts estimate that it is probably somewhere around 210-225 horsepower.

Heading To Mecum Auto Auction
If you were thinking about shopping for one of these rare Camaros, especially the 1-of-3 Stage II editions, have fun finding one


The upcoming Mecum Auto Auction does offer you a chance to bid on a Stage II. The week of Jan. 5-14, 2018, Mecum will have one of these rare gems rolling across the auction block - expect a price tag around $140,000.00.