Sunday, April 9, 2017

New Corvette Discount - $8,000?

Corvettes are expensive and getting a deal on them from the dealership is an almost unheard of phenomena. But from now until about May 1st of 2018, you might have a chance to purchase a brand new Corvette ZO6 or Grand Sport equipped with a set of Carbon-Fiber Brembo brakes with an $8,000 discount.
The discount will come in the form of a three-part deal. The first part is a loyalty discount. This will give you a $2,000 rebate if you are already a proud owner of a Corvette. The second rebate will come on all Corvettes with the high-performance brake setup. Chevrolet has yet to make a statement on the reason why they are offering this discount, but purchase any Corvette with the high-performance brake package and you will get a $5,000 discount. Usually, when a car company beefs up the performance of a vehicle they also beef up the price, but for a $5,000 discount, why ask any questions. Your last rebate will be a $1,000 “Bonus Tag” discount for a total savings of $8,000. Again, it’s very rare to find new Corvettes with marked-down prices or big discounts, so the answer to the question of why? It’s kind of a mystery. One could only speculate that increasing sales and making room for more Corvettes that are coming in the near future would be the reason. Maybe statistically the Corvettes with the Brembo brake package don’t sell as well. Let’s face it, unless you are planning on doing some serious road racing, the heavy duty brakes won’t do you a lot of good and will leave you about $5,000 lighter in your pocketbook.