Saturday, February 28, 2015

NHRA Going Against the Street Outlaws Television Show


The Street Outlaws reality T.V. show is like most reality T.V. shows these days: fake, set-up, factually incorrect and basically silly. But for some reason they have quite a fan base, somehow these reality T.V. shows get people to tune in even if they know that the show is fake. The Street Outlaws producers have even managed to get some licensed NHRA drivers to join in on the very dangerous and illegal act, but much to those racers surprise, the NHRA organization is not having it.

In the past week NHRA has sent out letters to licensed NHRA competitors to stop participating in the Street Outlaws reality T.V. show or be banned from the NHRA. There has been NHRA racers that have been a part of the show and other racers that are scheduled to show up on the show in coming episodes. But the NHRA makes it very clear that they do not promote street racing of any kind and if street racing is what you want to do, you can turn in your license and go be a part of it.

I am in my early 30s now, but spent a lot of my early 20s engaging in the dangerous act of street racing in the Detroit Michigan area. I for one know first hand what you see on the Street Outlaw reality T.V. show is very fake, produced, set-up and in some sense it actually makes street racing look less dangerous than it really is.

Street Racing

When I talk real street racing, I'm not talking about some back road that has been safely banned for any thru traffic except for T.V. show members and crew. I'm talking about spectators on both sides of the road all the way down to the finish line. Thru traffic always a possible obstacle – potholes, curbs, trees, telephones poles, the unsuspecting drunk driver – all dangers to a driver with a car that in most cases is not fully safety equipped to handle a high-speed wreck.

I would honestly like to say I have never seen anyone injured or killed, but I can't tell you either way. When something bad happens, the automatic reaction for everyone is to get to your vehicle and get the hell out of dodge. Even if a man is trapped inside a burning vehicle, the best thing you can do for him is call 9-1-1 as you are making your getaway. It's sad, but it's true, there's no “No Man Left Behind” when you are engaging in illegal activity.

Another thing that the Street Outlaws Reality T.V. show portrays is the harmless changing hands of money. Sure, when it is all set up for T.V., it's not a problem. But in real life, $3,000-$4,000 is a lot of money to hand over. That kind of money changing hands promotes arguments, fights, brawls, and even murder, that's right, murder. Bruised egos and illegal money sends people over the edge, add in a few drinks, a few puffs on the sweet marijuana, and a crowd of encouraging spectators, it doesn't take much to feel compelled to protect that ego.

I have since hung up my street racing helmet and headed to the track for some safe fun. I encourage everyone to do the same. The Street Outlaws Reality T.V. show is just that, a T.V. show. Real street racing is dangerous to yourself, for the spectators, innocent people who are clueless to what you are doing and on top of it all, if you get caught illegally gambling and racing, say goodbye to your driver license for a while and possible jail time.

Friday, February 27, 2015

1953 Corvette 1-of-300 at the Mecum Auction


You talk about a priceless Corvette to add to your car collection. At the Mecum Auction this February, a 1953 Chevrolet Corvette will be auctioned off to the public. Although there was only 300 of these 1953 Corvettes ever produced, making all of them collectibles, this Corvette will be the most valuable of them all. Number 1-of-300, this Corvette could not be more of a collectible – first year Corvette was produced, first Corvette off the assembly line.

All 300 of these 1953 Chevrolet Corvettes came with the same interior and exterior. Standard on the Corvette was a Polo white paint job that graced the curves of the exterior lines and a red interior. Also coming with the Corvette was chic white wall tires with painted steel rims and a very cool front chrome grille with chrome moldings. Drivetrain was simple as well, a standard 3.8-liter (235 cu.-in.) inline-six engine that got 150-hp. Not the type of power that today's Corvettes put out, but this Corvette was mainly built for cool cursing.

The Mecums Auction officials claim that this 1953 Chevrolet Corvette could fetch somewhere around $175,000 – $225,000, but depending who is in attendance and who is bidding, I think we could possibly see a lot bigger number than that. The Mecum Auction will be February 27th and 28th. If the Corvette is not quite your speed or maybe not in your budget, you should still take some time to check out the auction. Usually the Mecum Auction has some really cool cars that come across the auction block that can fit all kinds of different lifestyles and budgets.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cadillac Heads for New Beginnings

New Cadillac

After spending more than 100 years connected to the Motor City (Detroit) Cadillac has decided to take their luxury line to the more luxury city of New York. In an attempt to distance themselves from Chevy, Buick, GMC, and other GM products, Cadillac thinks that New York would just be a better place to promote a true luxury line to keep up with other luxury brands.

On Sunday night during the big awards show, Cadillac made that very clear. They aired in three different commercial slots showing where there vehicles fit in more – in the high-class world of New York. In that commercial they became the first of all of the top luxury brands to show off a 2016 vehicle with what seems to be their new model “Tread Greatly”. The Cadillac CT6 showed us a very aggressive fronts grille smoothly integrating into bold body-lines seemingly running the length of a football field, no doubt, if there every has been a doubt, another beautiful car for Cadillac.

The CT6 will be the start of Cadillac's new alphanumeric name system, which is another attempt to look and sound more luxurious while trending with the other luxury companies across the pound. The CT6 will be a rear-wheel-drive V-8 and despite much speculation, no one really knows what drivetrain is going to be used. There is some talk about a dual-turbocharged V-8, but those could just be pipe dreams for GM enthusiasts. I would speculate, but I would rather just wait until the New York Auto Show where it is set to be unveiled and the true identity of the drivetrain will be too.

Either way, this attempt to take on a new look in the auto industry could be a good thing for Cadillac and GM. One things for sure, it sure can't hurt. Competing against companies like BMW, Audi, Lexus, and Mercedes, any edge you can get is a good edge. And in the end, the old saying goes – Location, Location, Location.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Silverado Latest "Black Out" Edition


Chevrolet has decided to add another special edition to their Silveroda line-up. It's called the "Black Out Edition" and it will be added to the work truck model. Although a special edition, the Silveroda doesn't take on a crazy expensive price tag like one would think. The package only cost $1,595.00 unless you option up to the 5.3-Liter V-8, than it will cost you an extra $1095.00. The extra $1095.00 will still keep your price tag under $30,000.00, which is still a pretty good price for a brand new truck. And by most all accounts, optioning up to that bigger motor will probably be a pretty good idea, I mean, who wants a truck that looks badass but doesn't have the balls to back it up. 

The nice thing about the Chevy Silverado Black Out work truck is it is a base work truck with a base work truck price, but you'll be eliminating the plastic bumper and the steel rims that the WT model comes with. Instead your truck will have 20-inch aluminum rims, dark factory tint, blacked out Chevy emblems all the way around and more. The edition only comes in the regular and crew cab, Chevy probably left the extended cab out of the running for this edition to help keep the cost down.

Chevrolet is no stranger to making limited editions for their trucks. As of right now there is five different editions in their 2015 Silveroda line-up: The High Country, Rally Editions, Midnight Edition, Custom Sport Edition, and Texas Longhorns Edition. Most of these special edition Chevy Silverodas will cost a little more than just a few grand over base price like the Black Out Edition, so choose wisely.

Image result for silverado high country
High Country