Monday, October 20, 2014

Camaro Gets Different Chassis for 2016

Although no photos leaks of what the new Camaro is going to look like, Chevrolet did confirm it will be using the Cadillac ATS coupe's chassis. The current Camaro chassis is a rear-drive modified version of the Holden Commodore by GM's Australian brand. The big move is due to the fact that GM no longer wants to be building vehicles in Australia in 2017, and this will ensure production will convert easily with no unneeded production shutdowns.

The Camaro will be on sale sometime next year but don't expect any spoilers until at least the North American International Auto Show, and GM says maybe not even then. Motor Trend has produced some spy pictures that showed what could be the 2016 Camaro all wrapped up, but they admitted they were not sure if they were on the right track.

The ATS chassis was designed to help the car compete with the BMW 3-Series. Out of all of GM's chassis, the ATS coupe's chassis is the closest fit to the Camaro. It is shorter in length, narrower, and weighs less than the current Camaro chassis. Chevy says it could help bring a little more of a European sports car feel when comes to the type of ride it will produce. But I'm not sure if that is a huge selling point for American sports car lovers.

The ATS already offers a four-cylinder turbo motor, and Chevy has confirmed that it is possible to see one in the Camaro as an option for 2016. Mustang, Camaros long time rival, already offers one, and since it would take no extra engineering to put a four-cylinder turbo in the Camaro to compete with Mustang, not to mention the European cars, I'd say the possibility is very real.