Monday, November 23, 2015

2017 Corvette Zora C8 Mid-Engine Possibilities

If you are that person who has been hoping and waiting for a mid-engine Corvette, your Corvette may be on its way sooner than you think. Many sources like Car and Driver and GM Authority claim Mark Reuss, head of GM's Global Product Development confirms that the company is already working on the next generation Corvette.

As of now, the C8 Zora-ZR1 mid-engine supercar is being pushed to make a 2017 debut. Estimates of  about $150,000 average price tag could be what Chevy will be looking for, and about only 1500 units will be built, much like ZR1 C4's and C6's.

Why the Push for a Mid-Engine Vette
GM claims there is two reasons for the push of the mid-engine Vette. One of those reasons are after tweaking all of the power that they did out of the ZO6, they realized that they would not be able to put any more usable power into the front-engine Vette because the tires simply just will not handle it.

GM also believes that a mid-engine Corvette could bring in a newer, possibly younger customer base. Instead of a big shot corporate man in America showing his success and his taste for the finer things in life with Porches or Ferraris, maybe a mid-engine Corvette could serve the same purpose.

Well, nothing is set in stone, but there should be no reason to worry that you might see a 2017 V-6 Corvette anytime soon. Sounds like a single cam V-8 with direct injection and shut down cylinder displacement will still be what's on the horizon. As for a power rating and or what kind of aspiration will be used is yet to be known.

There has been rumors that as government fuel consumption clamp downs become more and more an issue to car designers, we might see a 2020 mid-engine Vette that could host a V-6 that would leave room for an electric motor that would run the front wheels making it a four-wheel drive hybrid Vette.   

Cockpit and Cargo Space

A mid-engine Corvette will give the luxury of giving the driver and passenger better forward sight lines since there won't be no reason for having an elevated hood. But that also means your view looking backwards will obviously be hampered.

There is also a lot of questions about luggage space. Where will the gas tank go? If it gets located in the front, will there be space for golf clubs, luggage, etc.?

I guess time will tell, I'm sure GM does not even have a clear answer to how and where the transmission, trans-axle, radiator, and exhaust will fit.