Monday, March 2, 2015

Found and Restored: The First Camaro Every Built #N100001

All restores of iconic vehicles are very important to the history of the model's bloodline. Where a certain vehicle has been, who has owned it, what makes it an icon in the first place are all things that make the research and rebuild/restore process of the vehicle very important. When Camaro #100001 was was found, and the attempt to restore it back to its original condition was on its way, the process of just finding out its history of owners and where the car had been and what it had been through alone took about two years.

First Camaro Ever Built Up On eBay
After all the research was done, diving into the restore of Camaro #100001 was no easy task. What started out as a 230-cu.-in. motor with a three-speed transmission, white wall tires, push button radio, front antenna and a deluxe seat belt package has long since turned into a drag car, with a non-original engine, no radio, a set of slicks and a racing harness.

The 18:00 minute video above will show the long and daunting task of restoring this now beat-up looking race car back to the beautiful condition it once was as the first Camaro ever built -- #N100001.