Saturday, June 28, 2014

Four-Cylinder Turbo 2016 Camaro Happen?

Not sure how I feel about this? Everyone likes changes, but as powerful as Chevy has been with their powerhouse sports cars lately, do we really have to follow suit?

Do we have to change because Mustang did? Since when did Camaro have to keep up with the "Jones?"

I like the idea behind changing the curves of the already cool looking Camaro. Change is not a bad thing, but having a four-cylinder, a six-cylinder and a V-8 to choose from might be a little bit much for a company that had and still has nothing but financial problems.

A billion-dollar bail out, even more money soaked into recalls; now Chevy wants to offer three different engine options. Turbos are the wave of the future, but why fix something that just isn't broken. Camaros use raw horsepower to move and they always have.

I say keep it that way.

I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly, their was no Chevy four-cylinder turbo Muscle Cars.

I not saying GM should stair away from turbos, it's great tech., but the Camaro should stay with the raw horsepower. Hell, if they want to put a turbo on the V-8, let's do it, but a four-cylinder? GM has enough of those. A smaller Camaro with a bigger engine, sounds fun, but a smaller Camaro with a smaller motor, sounds like going backwards.

The new curves that Chevy says their coming with, to look more like a 70s look, sounds like fun, but a Camaro with a smaller motor, not sure if that is something that will sell.

If Camaro is going to change, maybe this is what it should look like?