Monday, June 2, 2014

New Cadillac CTS Gets New Technology To Help Save Lives and A Revised Look

The new Cadillac CTS will sport a revised front-clip with the new wreath when it hits the showrooms soon, unfortunately, price or images of the new CTS has yet to be released. To add to the new look, Cadillac says it will also be introducing two new exterior colors: Crystal White Tricoat and Dark Adriatic Blue Metallic. Cadillac also says there will be two new interior and trim color combination for the cabin.

The CTS will offer an exciting new option called the DockSpot, which provides magnetic inductive charging for wireless phones without the need for cords or cables. The Cadillac will also receive the OnStar 4GLTE data network system including a Wi-Fi hotspot that comes with a 3 month 3GB trail -- many other Cadillac versions will receive this OnStar technology as well.

Two other great functions will be added to the Cadillac standard CUE infotainment system: text messaging alerts and assistants and teen driver settings.

The text messaging alerts and assistants is designed to keep drivers safe while receiving a text message by simply reading the text messages to them -- it will also allow you to return a preset message with the touch of a button, e.g. "Message received, driving right now, will get back with you as soon as I can -- Thank You." All of this will allow you to send and receive messages without the need to look down at your phone and fumble around with the keys.

Teen driver settings will allow the owner to set functions like audio mute until seat belts are fastened, audible speed warnings, and a nifty little tool called the report card. The report card will alert you of any bad driving habits a teenage driver has been engaging in including wide-open throttle occurrences, ABS events, top speed frequency, and how many miles were put on the car while in the teenagers possession.

Between the text messaging alerts and assistants and teen driver settings, Cadillac is definitely working on making our roads safer.