Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mecum Auto Auction Will See Another Possible Multimillion Dollar Corvette

1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe Factory Side Exhaust, Tank Sticker presented as lot S113 at Seattle, WA 2014 - image1

It's a 1967 Corvette coupe L88, 1 of 20 produced. With the original gas tank sticker that proves it's authenticity, the Corvette should be able to bring an amount of at least a million, maybe more at the up coming Mecum Auto Action being held in Seattle on June 13th and 14th.

A rare Marina Blue paint graces the exterior body color while the inside interior is wrap in black. What makes this L88 Corvette even more rare is the factory side exhaust that it has. Although, factory side exhaust are not rare on Corvette Stingrays, on the side of Corvette L88's, they are. This Corvette went on to win three decades of awards including multiple Bloomington Gold Special Collection Awards.

L88 versions of the Corvette did not come with simple things that makes driving easier. Power steering, heat, air and radio were axed at production. Even the fan shroud and choke got the ax, making the Vettes notoriously hard to keep running until they warmed up to operating temp, and if caught in traffic you could expect over-heating problems, but the car was built for racing.

What it did come with was a high performance power brake system and a heavy duty racing suspension. A close-ratio 4-speed transmission, 4.11:1 competition rear-end, and to top things off was a 427 CI. engine with 430hp @5,200rpm. The horsepower rating was underrated to help stay with in safety regulations. The 427 actually red-lined at 6,500rpm and probably was more capable of horsepower ratings around 560.

This Corvette was first bought from Bast Chevrolet in Seaforth, New York. The owner installed a roll-bar and a safety harness and the Corvette spent the next few years where it belonged, on the racetrack. It was then sold to a lady in Canada and then made it back to a new owner in the U.S., where it was restored and started to rack up a resume of awards. In 1998, Naber's Motors Corvette Restorations in Huston, TX., did a frame off restoration where it's sticker and correct numbers were verified. After that, the Corvette moved on to add to it's awards resume, winner more prestigious Bloomington Awards and getting the chance to be displayed in the “L88 Invasion” Special Collection.

Now with it's documented original factory tank sticker and Bloomington Gold literature and paperwork, it will be auctioned off to the public at the Mecum Auto Auction, and when this Corvette hits the block, Corvette lovers with deep pockets are sure to step up and play the game.