Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"American Graffiti": The Best Car Cruising Movie Ever

This movie emulates a great time in car history. 
Cruising, Racing, Music -- great cars that ended up becoming some of the most wanted cars by American car collectors today. "Wolfman Jack" has his part in the movie, along with many other actors that went on to have well-rounded acting careers. The movie takes place in a more light-hearted time. 

I was much to young to remember that time, but me and a lot of other car guys did have a place to cruise right outside of Detroit -- on Telegraph rd. Unfortunately, the fun of that was short-lived. The fun it created on Fri. and Sat. night probably went on for quite a long time before I got my first cruiser, '71 Skylark (455). The fun died out when younger kids were starting to drive their Mommy and Daddy's funded Rice Burners around. The movie "Fast and the Furious" just came out (a poor representation of the drag race world) and everyone who had a wing on the back of their Honda Civic thought they could fly. 

Drunk Driving, illegal racing for money, car accidents, crotch rocket motorcycles too fast for their own good etc. etc. left authorities no choice but to police the situation.

Even the days of having fun at the world-famous "Woodward Dream Cruise" has became a thing of the past. Miles and miles of traffic that moves about 3 mph when it's not totally stopped, the street is flooded with 90% of the cars being the same cars you see on your way back-and-forth to work everyday and advertisements is the main reason for the event. 

Unfortunately, the last time I was at the cruise spot, I was arrested, along with 250 other people who all received tickets for loitering. My Camaro was towed to a place down in Detroit, and that cost me a lot to get out. The only fun thing about that night was when it came time for all 250 pissed off people to show up in court, I believe authorities may have thought, maybe this was not such a good ideal.

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